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We've embraced the NCC Changes

We've embraced the NCC Changes

We’re sure you’ve heard a lot of talk about the National Construction Code and the changes that are imminent for the residential building industry. At DRHomes, we’ve seamlessly updated our home designs to align with the new requirements.

Improving housing liveability

One of the most inspiring shifts introduced by the NCC pertains to Liveable Housing Design requirements. These changes have an important goal: to increase housing accessibility for Australians with disabilities, the elderly, and their families. 

Aiming for inclusivity, the changes include:  

  • Incorporating at least one step-free entrance into every dwelling. 
  • Designing internal spaces and doors to ensure smooth, unimpeded movement. 
  • Ensuring the availability of a ground-level accessible toilet. Introducing bathrooms with hob less shower recesses for convenience. 
  • Strengthening walls for future installation of grabrails. 

While the details may seem intricate, these changes pave the way for more comfortable, accessible, and adaptable living spaces.

Embracing Energy Efficiency

Australia's commitment to a greener future, shines through the NCC with emphasis on housing energy efficiency. With a delay to the start of the changes required to new dwellings to achieve a thermal performance rating of 7 stars or more. This, coupled with annual energy use budgets, targets a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions and household energy costs.

Here at DRHomes, we’ve already implemented these energy efficiency changes. Some of these changes include ceiling fans to all rooms including outdoor living space, Solar power systems on all our homes as a standard inclusion, promising a brighter tomorrow.

A glance at the highlights: ·        

  • Elevating the minimum thermal performance of dwellings to 7 stars.

These adjustments encourage innovative approaches, such as optimising window orientation, and advanced insulation. Additionally, lighter roof and wall colours, all play roles in creating energy-efficient homes.

These are just some of the changes significant changes to the code in the residential construction industry in over 25 years.

We’re committed to building the house of your dreams with all of our not-so-standard inclusions at an affordable price.  



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