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Benefits of Roof Sarking

Benefits of Roof Sarking

It’s not something you can look at and admire in your new home each day, but roof sarking has many important benefits which all protect that beautiful new home you’ve built so that you can enjoy it for many more years to come!

But first, what are the different types of roof sarking? Thermal roof sarking is described as a safety blanket for your house. This is positioned under your Colorbond or tile roof, with the reflective foil providing a shield. Most commonly used under Colorbond or other metal roofing, Anticon is described more like a thick blanket, providing acoustic, thermal and fire protection benefits.


Thermal Roof Sarking (image: Bradford Insulation)                             Anticon Blanket (image: Bradford Insulation)

So, now that we’ve discovered what this hard-working material does, let’s look at some of the key benefits of roof sarking;  

1.       Improves Thermal Performance Additional insulation is always ideal for any home, no matter the climate. Sarking can assist in the R-value or thermal performance of the home by making it easier to regulate temperature in the home no matter the season. This in turn improves your energy efficiency rating, by lowering your energy consumption within the home.  

2.       Efficient Moisture Barrier Sarking will keep any moisture entering the roof cavity, which could in turn result in mould production, rotting of timber frame, strains and swelling of plasterboard and more. Without it, this can cause both visual and structural issues.  

3.       Provides Protection from the Elements Particularly important in South East Queensland, sarking will assist in protecting not only your roof, but also your home from inclement weather. This includes high winds, rain and hail storms but also extends to damage caused by dust and dirt. Roof sarking is also mandatory in areas with a 12.5-40 BAL rating, which will protect from bush fire ember attacks to the roof space.  

By now, you will be able to see how valuable roof sarking is for creating a safe and long-lasting home.

As some good news, you’ll be happy to know that we include roof sarking as standard in both our HomestarterPlus & Elevate ranges!  

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