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Home Sewerage Treatment Plants Explained

Home Sewerage Treatment Plants Explained



Home Sewerage Treatment Plant - HSTP Explained

What, why, how, where and do I need it?

Home Sewage Treatment Plant or HSTP as it’s known in the building industry is an integral part of any acreage build that does not have access to mains sewage. The old “Septic Tank” might ring a bell for some of our readers however; HSTP is a far cry from those old days.

Many of our clients over the years have found their perfect spot that is the whole package, beautiful views, far from neighbours and a wonderful little community nearby. Unfortunately, due to the nature of acreage land usually being far removed from the city centre, there is often a limit on the infrastructure available, for example sewerage and water.This is why many Acreage builds require HSTP to be included as both a legal requirement and a matter of public health. The HSTP’s purpose is to safely treat all waste water that exits your home. We know what you’re thinking but it’s ok, it’s all in-ground and odourless so no smells will disturb your new home.

At DRHomes we work with the team at Taylex for all our HSTP and underground water tank needs. Taylex, like DRHomes are also a family owned business and hold the title of Australia’s largest supplier of HSTP systems producing over 2000 tanks every year and they’ve been doing it since 1969.

Here is a quick diagram of how a Taylex HSTP tank works and below is a diagram showing where it goes on your land. 


Not sure if you need HSTP on your land for your new build?

If in doubt, speak to the team at QLD Urban Utilities, they will be able to tell you what public services are available to your land.

Your local council will be able to tell you of any private infrastructure that may be available.  

If you’re looking at building an Acreage Home, make sure you check out DRHomes great range of Acreage designs PLUS don’t forget we include HSTP & 2 x 31,500 litre in-ground concrete water tanks in all our acreage home designs builds as standard.


* HSTP and the 2x 31,500 litre concrete water tanks are not included in our HomestarterPlus, Urban or SOHO Home Design Specifications or  home designs.



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