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5 tips to keep your home cool this summer without air-con

5 tips to keep your home cool this summer without air-con

Spring is leaving and things are literally heating up as Queensland launches into yet another hot summer.

With Christmas and holidays looming, budgets are tightening and it’s time to save as much extra cash by considering the simple tricks that help save on your electricity bill. In this blog we have 5 tips for keeping a home cool without having to turn the air-con or fans on. Who knows, maybe your savings will to go towards something a little more festive - maybe a bottle of wine or two ;) .


When the sun is gone and the air starts to cool, open up those doors, windows and dog flaps to get the cool night air in. Don’t forget the mozzy coils though if you’re in a mozzy prone neighbourhood.   


The sun is starting to come up and now that you’ve cooled the house down with the night air, it’s time to close the house on up again which includes the curtains, blinds, or shutters. And if you really want to keep it cool and take it one step further, we recommend installing black out blinds.  

3.       LIGHTS

If you have halogen lights now’s the time to change to LED. One or two light bulbs might not make much of a difference to your homes temperature but when everyone is home and the lights are only like a Christmas tree, the warmth might pick up a notch. Not mention, they’re not as energy efficient as their LED counterparts (more electricity bill savings!)  

4.       COOKING

Ever stood in the kitchen in summer and felt like you had entered the pit of Hades? BBQing or using your stove top for quick cooks and avoiding the oven will dramatically reduce the heat in your home.  

5.       UNPLUG

Anything plugged into a powerpoint will be generating heat so when not in use, switch off your devices and appliances at the wall to keep the heat monsters at bay.  


If you have any extra tips feel free to send them through on our chat feature in the bottom right corner of our website and we'll be sure to add them to the list.

Good luck and stay cool!


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