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As a home builder of with many acreage designs we have seen the ups and downs of acreage owner life from the sidelines and even experienced some it ourselves as owners. With this plethora of experience we have taken the time to really knuckle down into what we believe to be a tip top information guide for new acreage buyers living around Brisbane, Ipswich, Logan & Sunshine Coast. 

1. What is Acreage?

An Acre, for those living in the metric system, is a block of land with a minimum size of 4047m2.

2. Where can I buy acreage around Brisbane, Ipswich, Logan or Sunshine Coast?

You have two options, buy existing land and home or buy from a developer and build your own home. A thorough search of or will find an abundance of sites across these regions with existing homes and infrastructure. However, if you want to move to acreage and build your dream home, there are a number of land developments with vacant blocks ready for your new home. Check out the end of the blog for links to current developments in and around; Logan, Ipswich, southern Sunshine Coast & northern Gold Coast.

3. Why should you buy acreage?

Space – Not on top of your neighbours, plenty of room for growing kids or to adopt more pets plus  whatever else you can dream up. 

Value for money – acreage blocks are typically in outer suburbs thereby by reducing the cost of land per m2 meaning more land for your dollar

Quiet – no buzzing traffic constantly driving past, neighbours, kids and dogs far enough away that any parties, yelling or barking sounds like whispers.

Nature – An abundance of greenery to soothe the soul, the ability to embrace your green thumbs and become a gardener extraordinaire. Maybe even a visit from local wildlife.

Larger home – need the space inside as well? Then you have the ability to build a larger home to suit your needs.

Outdoor lifestyle – Much easier to get out and about for bushwalks, dirt bikes and maybe even fishing.

Relaxed lifestyle – Removed from the hustle and bustle of the city, you’re less likely to experience the overwhelming feeling of your comrades rushing and stressing around you.    

4. Why should you not buy acreage?

Maintenance – with more space comes more responsibility to keep the growth under check. Make sure you’re ready for days spent brush cutting, mowing, weeding, wildlife wrangling and that’s just the yard, don't forget there is regular household cleaning & maintenance.

Cost – All the maintenance comes at a cost from the resources for pest and weed control to the various tools needed and even hiring trades for more complicated jobs.

Distance from everything – if you work in the city centre and live on the outskirts or have kids that go to school then be prepared to drive everywhere. A long commute to the city may begin to be a grind not soon after moving and a 15 minute trip to school then extra-curricular may chew through your time.

Bushfire threat- We are used to droughts and a bushfire or two in Queensland, so be prepared to keep your property bushfire ready.

Wildlife – You are moving into their habitat where they don’t understand land ownership or fences, these guys roam far and wide and one afternoon they could end up at your place. Remember, things like snakes, spiders, centipedes, mosquitos and toads are all part of the Australian country life. So if you can’t handle them, maybe rethink moving into their home.

Less visitors – Living further out makes it harder for friends and family to just drop by which will mean a decline in the visitors. Good news, you’ll know well in advance when they’re coming so you will always be ready!  



So if all the why nots are actually on your why list (everyone has different preferences), then you are ready to move to acreage and we wish you luck!  

If you are considering a new block and building, make sure to check out our range of Acreage and Urban home designs or alternatively, our Acreage House & Land Packages.  


List of Acreage Developments SE QLD

Logan Council Area

Teviot Downs – Located in the suburb of New Beith. Offering blocks from 2614m2 to 7288m2.

The Lanes – Located in the suburb of New Beith. Offering blocks starting at half an acre 2000m2 with reticulated water, underground power, and high-speed NBN connectivity now available.

Spring Mountain – Located in the suburb of Greenbank. Offering blocks starting at half an acre up to full acre sites and only minutes to urban convenience of the Greenbank Bank shopping centre and local schools.    

Ipswich Council Area

Riverside Estate Located in the upper reaches of the Brisbane River in Karalee. They start by offering blocks from 4000m2 to 11 hectares (110,000m2) with underground power, town water and river front homes.

Aspect Estate Located in Karalee on the banks of the Brisbane river. Offering blocks from 4000m2 with easy access to shopping centres, primary schools and only 40mins to the Brisbane CBD.

Paradise Heights – Located in the suburb of Deebing Heights. Offering half acre to full acre blocks with the convenience of train stations, shopping centre and schools all within a 15minute drive.  

Sunshine Coast Area

The Peaks, Sundowners Forest & Haven on FayeAre all part of the Heritage Pacific Development group and are located on the fringe of Caboolture. Offering a range of larger 3000m2 blocks to 4879m2 with easy access to Caboolture town centre and the Bruce Highway to get to Brisbane.  

Gold Coast Area

Montego Hills – Located half way between Brisbane and the Gold Coast in Kingsholme. With blocks ranging from 4047m2 to 5957m2 and easy access to the conveniences of two cities.


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