Solar | Now a Standard Inclusion


Why is solar so good? Check out the top 3 benefits below!

1. You will reduce your power bill

The Queensland government estimates that the average household saves around $700 per year on power thanks to installing solar. That means, every single year you will be saving money thanks to your free solar inclusion. Some households may also be able to earn extra money by supplying the electrical grid with any excess power they make - it's like the gift that keeps on giving.

2. It's environmentally friendly

Say goodbye to coal-powered electricity. Solar is the eco-friendly option that is not only good for your wallet but good for the planet too.

HomestarterPlus solar package includes:

Feel the power bill relief with a 2.2kW solar package - standard with your NEW HomestarterPlus home package.  

We've partnered with Energy Build to bring you an all-inclusive, complete solar package.

✅ 2.2KW Solar Package
✅ Tier 1 Jinko Solar Panels (20yr Warranty)
✅ 2kW SolaX Single-Phase Inverter (10yr Warranty)
✅ In-Wall Inverter Enclosure

This is for a limited time only, so get in contact today to find out more and start building your dream home.

Elevate & Coast range solar package includes:

The not-so-standard inclusion of SOLAR, a 6.6kW system, is now standard with any Elevate or Coast home!

✅ 6.6KW Solar Package
✅ Tier 1 Jinko Solar Panels (20yr warranty)
✅ 1 x In-Wall Inverter Enclosure
✅ 1 x 5kW SolaX Single-Phase Inverter (10yr warranty)

Get in touch to find out more!



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